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Ceremonies to celebrate

Are you planning a wedding, a renewal of vows, or a welcome to a new baby?

Whether you are gay or straight, committing in public to a lifelong relationship, remaking old promises into new vows, celebrating the birth of a baby or the arrival of an adopted child into the family, I will be delighted to work with you to create the perfect ceremony just for you.

My name is Alison O’Grady

You can see me here in the photo with this lovely couple, Emma and Adam, after their ceremony at Whitney Court this summer.

I have been trained and accredited by Humanists UK to take wedding and naming ceremonies.

I’m based in rural Herefordshire, and am often to be found taking ceremonies in gardens, fields, woods, campsites, and village halls across the Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and the Welsh Borders, as well as in established wedding venues – and a couple of local castles. I love taking rural weddings, and am happy to travel from to Northumberland, Cornwall or any rural location in between just for you.

And in case you are wondering why bicycles feature on these pages, it is because i am a keen cyclist, and like to use a bike as my preferred means of transport whenever I can – even in hilly rural Herefordshire.

I have been known to cycle to wedding rehearsals, though I haven’t arrived to take a wedding on my bike – yet…

Ready to talk about your ceremony?

What is Humanism?

Humanism is a philosophy of life and ethics based on a concern for humanity and the natural world. It is about unselfishness, kindness and consideration towards others, about accepting responsibility for how we live our lives.

A Humanist ceremony is non religious, but is inclusive to all: both to those with faith, and to those who have no religious faith, and welcoming to everyone regardless of creed, ethnicity or gender. And you certainly don’t have to identify as Humanist to have a Humanist ceremony.

Emma & Adam

“Thanks so much for leading such a beautiful ceremony for us last Saturday. It was just what we wished for and we had so many comments about what a lovely ceremony it was and how brilliant you were. We couldn’t agree more!”

Matthew & Katharina

“We wanted to thank you for this wonderful wedding ceremony. It was just how we wanted it to be – serious but also relaxed.”

Let’s plan your ceremony!