Your Wedding, just for you

We all love a good wedding, but what would make the perfect wedding, or renewal of vows, for you?

So I’ll ask you: what are the first 3 words that spring to mind when thinking about your ceremony? Traditional, quirky, brief, simple, grand, inclusive, fun, meaningful, solemn, straightforward, joyful, personal, with a festival –vibe? (yes, I know, that’s more than one word!)

Your answer will give me the perfect starting place from which to plan your ceremony: we are all different, and it’s important to get it just right for you.

Humanist ceremonies tell human stories

The ceremony is likely to include the story of how you met, what you love about each other, what marriage means to you as well as the plans you have for your adventure through life together. This can be done in many different ways. Every ceremony I write is unique, and will be a collaboration between the three of us, so that I can deliver a wedding that is genuine, true and authentic to you.

The vows and exchange of rings lie at the heart of the ceremony: how you make your vows, and what you will say to each other is your choice ( with my advice, as needed). You may want to opt for secret vows, shared only with me, and revealed to your partner on the day itself.

You will want to think about music, readings or poems, perhaps a symbolic act (hand fasting, ring warming, lighting a candle, sand blending, for example), and even some singing! (top picks for audience participation this year have been It Must be Love, and Falling in Love with You)

Does this sound like the kind of ceremony you are looking for?

If so, please get in touch, by phone or email, to start the conversation.

The Process

If you are happy to proceed, we’ll meet, I’ll take your deposit to book the date, send you some forms to complete, and I’ll start working on the script for your ceremony.

And there are likely to be more phone/ skype calls and emails along the way to produce the perfect ceremony, that is just right for you.

We’ll have a walk through rehearsal the day before, so that on the day itself you can relax and enjoy yourselves, without worrying.

And when it is all over, I’ll send you a presentation copy of the ceremony as a keepsake.